TMA4130 Matematikk 4N autumn 2017


21.07.2017 Welcome to the course "Matematikk 4N" autumn 2017. The lecture will start on week 34, the exercises one week later.
15.08.2017 Room change: For those having a lecture on Friday, August 25, 10:15-12:00, it will be in VE1, Verkstedteknisk.
25.08.2017 The first exercise set is now online.
05.09.2017 Video animations for the wave equation are posted in the Additional material section.
08.09.2017 The lecture notes from the SMART board are posted in the Some lecture notes section.
13.09.2017 Room change: Exercise group 15 (from MTENERG) will use room R90 on Thursday October 5 (see the Exercise groups page).
15.10.2017 The notes from the lecture on October 6, written by a generous fellow student, were uploaded.
31.10.2017 The formula sheet for the exam is now online.
09.11.2017 The lecture plan section has been updated, and contains the material that will be on the exam.
14.11.2017 There will be tutorial sessions on week 47 (next week). The 13th exercise set will be discussed.
17.11.2017 The old exams from Spring 2017 and August 2017 were added.
21.11.2017 A change has been made to the formula sheet, explained in the formula sheet section.
26.11.2017 Allowed on the exam: A basic calculator and Rottmann: matematisk formelsamling.

Exam and Solution

Here is the exam and the solution.

Extra Hours before the Exam

There will be a Mattelab on Tuesday, December 12, from 8:15 to 16:00, in S5 and S6, Sentralbygg II. Students who have questions before the exam can go there.

Office Hours

Helge Holden: Tuesday, December 5, 9:00-12:00, 1156, Sentralbygg II.

Louis-Philippe Thibault: Friday, December 8, 9:00-12:00, 801, Sentralbygg II.

2017-12-14, louispht