TMA4130 Matematikk 4N autumn 2014

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17.12. The grading of the course is finished, and you should receive your results soon (do give the administrative staff some time, though). In general, the results were pretty good with a small number of Fs and quite a few As. Within the next days (i.e.: hopefully before Christmas) I will try to compile an overview of the most common mistakes I have encountered during the grading.
03.12. The exam (also: bokmål and nynorsk) are now online. Please note that there is an error in problem 5a: The interpolation points xi should be -2,-1,0,1,2 instead of -2,1,0,1,2. I apologise for any confusion this has caused during the exam. Also, here is a solution proposal. It is easily possible that your solutions look different, but they are still correct, in particular for examples 2 and 3 if you have used exponential functions or hyperbolic sines in a different way, for example 5a if you have used Newton interpolation, and in example 6b if you have chosen a different order for the updates in the Gauss-Seidel method.
21.11. The corrected corrected list of formulas included in the exam is now online. If you still find any additional errors in this list, please do tell me.
19.11. If you need to hand in the 13. exercise sheet because you have not yet enough approved exercises, do this as soon as possible, at the latest by Thursday, 20.11. in the evening. The problem is that we require to submit the list of admitted students already in this week, as the exam is already on 02.12. I sincerely apologize for any inconvenience.
17.11. The question session on November 28 will take place from 9-12 in the lecture hall S6. Please bring questions.
17.11. The corrected version (english version of the) list of formulas included in the exam is now online. If you find any additional errors in this list, please do tell me.
14.11. The (english version of the) list of formulas included in the exam is now online. If you find any errors in this list, please do tell me.
14.11. In "Links and Additional Material" are the slides from today's lecture (Gauss-Seidel for the Poisson equation and Euler method for the heat equation).
13.11. I will have extended office hours before the exam: Friday 14.11. from 10-12, Monday 17.11. from 15-17, Wednesday 19.11. from 15-17, Friday 21.11. from 10-12. Thursday 20.11. from 9-12. In addition, there will be a "question session" on November 28. Time and place will be announced as soon as the reservation of the lecture hall is fixed. Note: I won't be in Norway from 24.11.-27.11. You can still send me e-mails during this days, but the answer may take some time.
11.11. The final pensum is now online (in "Pensum").
28.10. In "Links and Additional Material" I have added the slides on Gaussian elimination that I have presented today.
14.10. The lecture on Friday 17.10. will be held by Eduardo Ortega, because I will be on a conference on that day.
10.10. I have added a few figures from today's lectures in "Links and Additional Material".
05.09. Under "Links and Additional Material" you can find some animations of Python scripts for displaying certain solutions of the wave equation that I could not present during the lecture because of time constraints.
29.08 Vi har ikke tilstrekkelig med innleveringsbokser, så øvingene kan dessverre enda ikke leveres. Øvingsinnleveringsboksene er nå på plass, men siden det tok såpass lang tid er utvidet frist for de som normalt leverer fredag denne gang tirsdag neste uke. Alle studasser har fått beskjed om endringen. Ta kontakt med dersom du får problemer med godkjenning av øving 1 som følge av dette.
29.08. I have added some information about the exam. Most important at the moment: You may use the "formelsamling" by Rottmann, and I will also include in the exam a sheet with selected formulas (concerning Fourier- and Laplace-transformation, and numerics).
26.08. The second exercise sheet is online. A solution proposal for the first sheet will be online some time next week after the last deadline for handing in your solutions.
19.08. I have been asked by a few students whether there is any difference between my lecture and the video lecture from 2011. So: the content of the video lecture should be more or less the same, but the order is different. I start with Fourier series (Fourier-rekker) and will come to the Laplace transformation only after discussing PDEs. If, for some reason, you miss one of my lectures you will be able to keep up with the course by watching the corresponding video lecture.
14.08. Welcome to the course "Matematikk 4N" in the autumn term 2014. The lecture will start on August 19, the exercises one week later.
2014-12-17, Markus Grasmair