Discussion forum

This term we will be conducting all class-related discussion using the Q&A platform Piazza. There will be of course also supervised tutorial sessions where you can ask the teaching assistants question regarding the exercises. Using Piazza has a lot of advantages:

  • You have a chance to ask question outside the live tutorial session, you can do it even anonymously if you wish! That is, your can hide your name from your class mates (not from the instructors).
  • Everybody in the course can answer questions, lecturer, TAs and students alike, so there is a good chance that you get an answer before the next live tutorial session.
  • Everybody in the course can see the questions, so we as instructor team don't need to process the same questions several times

Thus we ask you to pose all questions regarding lecture, homework, exam, logistics etc. on Piazza, except for those cases where a request requires more privacy protection or is just concerned with a single individual, for instance if you have special needs or want to ask for a deadline extension. The quicker you begin asking questions on Piazza (rather than via emails), the quicker you'll benefit from the collective knowledge of your classmates and instructors. Any general email to individual instructors or TAs which should have been asked on Piazza will be ignored. Please understand that is not for being rude but to be able to handle your questions efficiently, after all there are more 300 students taking this course.

Finally, note that when you log in, Piazza will ask you for a financial contribution since we use a contribution-supported Piazza license. Just ignore this request, the Department of Mathematical Science will make a contribution on the behalf of all courses using Piazza.

2021-01-10, André Jürgen Massing