TMA4123/TMA4125 Matematikk 4M/4N – vår 2015

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Dato Beskjed
04.06 I hope everything went well today! The exam is available here, and a hastily written solution suggestion is here (there may well be mistakes)! Have a great summer (if/when it comes), and good luck onwards in your studies! – GS
01.06 If there are further concrete questions after Yura's pre-exam meeting, I can be found in S8 from 17:15. – GS
28.05 The formula sheet has received a minor update. It, or something very close to it, will be attached to the exam.
26.05 PREEXAM MEETING: New time and place: Monday, June 1, 15:15-17:00, room EL 5 Yu.L.
26.05 The formula sheet attached to the exam will be this one, or something very close to it.
11.05 Various exam problems (some from last year's exam, some from other exams by popular request) will be presented on Wednesday May 13 from 10:15 to 12:00 in R5 OR S2 (hopefully the former - check the webpage beforehand!). – GS
03.05 The previously mentioned May 12 scheduling causes a collision for some students, so I suggest we move to May 13 from 10:15 to 12. Please let me know very soon if this causes problems. – GS
29.04 I suggest that I go through some old exam problems on Tuesday May 12 (10:15-12 in R1). Please contact me with suggestions for (types of) problems, and if there's a (good) reason why the date should be changed. – GS
16.04 Lecture on April 21 (with syrvey of some old exam is moved to some dsate which is closer to the exam, atround the middle of May. Precise date will be announced on the webside
16.04 Meeting with the reference group is scheduled on Monday 20.04
13.04 I'll be available for questions the coming weeks. Feel free to contact me by e-mail to set up office hours, but be warned that I might not reply immediately. – GS
11.04 below please read a letter I sent to the members of the reference group. Please contact them in case you have some requests/opinion. Yu.L: Dear members of the reference group, The last lecture of our course is scheduled on April 21. It is supposed that we will look through some old exam. It is not a problem for us (either me or Gard) to make such a lecture but perhaps it is more reasonable to move this lecture closer to the exam date, say at the second half of May. Needless to say it will be in addition to the pre-exam meetings to be held both by Gard and myself. Please send us letter expressing your opinion about this matter. Another question: we need to have one more meeting (I think around end of April) to make a conclusion of the course and (more importantly) collect the students requests regarding the pre-exam and possibly additional meetings if need be. Can you please investigate this question among your fellow students? Regards, Yurii"
06.04 The way I read NTNU's academic calendar means there is no lecture Tuesday 7th (I don't understand why, but it seems to be the case). The last regular lecture (before repetition begins) is therefore on Thursday 9th. – GS
27.03 The second reference group meeting log is out. – GS
27.03 We aim to finish up the curriculum the week after easter, i.e. with plenty of time to spare. There'll be room for repetition. – GS
27.03 In the last parts of the curriculum, I deviate a bit from the textbook. If you do not attend the lectures, I urge you to check the lecture log and the curriculum, particularly the list of notes there. – GS

Gamle beskjeder

Dato Beskjed
07.01 One of the homework exercises will be literally repeated in the final exam (:
17.01 We plan to have a meeting with the reference group in week 5 (time is not decided yet). Those who have remarks/requests regarding our course please send them to the members of the group.
19.01 Starting today, there will be auxiliary sessions in EL5 15:15 – 17:00 (may end earlier). These will be run weekly (Mondays, same time) by Jon Vegard Venås and/or Gard Spreemann and will mostly include example problems and supplementary illustrations.
25.01 Meeting with the reference group: Wednesday, 28.01, 10:15-11:00, room 738, SB2
25.01 Kap.12.2 - selfstudy
25.01 Kap.12.4 - not in pensum
04.02 In weeks 7 and 8 4M and 4N's lectures are separate (for two weeks only). Gard Spreemann will lecture 4M in R5 on Tuesdays and S4 on Thursdays those two weeks. The times are as before.
09.02 Special message for those who follow the lectures comparing with the textbook: We cover the whole pensum, yet I changed the order in a way I think is more convenient
10.02 4M people who wish to attend the Matlab instructions on Thursday February 12: Bring a laptop with Matlab installed. See instructions on how to obtain Matlab from NTNU.
10.02 Another message for the 4M people regarding Thursday: Also bring headphones if you can. The exercises will involve audio processing (using DFT in Matlab), and I just realized that some of the things going on are impossible to hear on crappy laptop speakers!
18.02 Links: I refer to Gamle exam which refer to old exams in Matte4K. This is a good source of porblems on the mathematical part of the course (Fourier series, Fourier integrals, separation of variables, Laplace transform)
06.03 I'll be away from 08.03 until 20.03. No (my) office hours at this period Yu.L.
21.02 Gard will take over lectures starting Tuesday February 24. 4M and 4N are lectured together (as before week 7) again from now on. – GS
24.02 I will try to maintain a lecture log. – GS
02.03 Problem set 8 contains problems from the 10th edition of Kreyszig. I've just learned that some students only have the 9th edition. I'll scan the problems later today. – GS


Yurii Lyubarskii
Kontor: 954, Sentralbygg 2

Gard Spreemann


Tirsdag 10.15–12.00 i F1
Torsdag 12.15–14.00 i R1


YL: Tirsdag 12:15-13.00 i mitt kontor.
GS: Just ask.
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