Parallel 2: MTTK-MLREAL-Andre


  • [16th Nov.]:Next week (22-23 Nov) we will solve the exam from 2018 Dec. I recommend you to solve first by yourself before the lecture.
  • [11th Nov.]:There will be the last reference group meeting next week. Please give us your feedback.
  • [12th Oct.]: There was a typo in Lecture 15, Ex2, where iz^2 should be iz in the conclusion f(z)=… (see below, updated notes).
  • [11th Oct.]: We have the second reference group meeting on 15th Oct. Please give us any feedback which would improve this course.
  • [21st Sep.]:From today on, everyone can come and physically attend the lecture.
  • [17th Sep.]: We have monthly reference group meetings. Please give us any feedback which would improve this course.
  • Welcome to Matematikk 4K! This parallel will be taught in English.
  • Lectures are live-streamed and recordings are stored in Panopto:
  • Since the physical attendance is not full in these days, all students who want to attend physically can do so , until the capacity of the lecture hall (under the one-meter rule).
  • Important (COVID19) [29th Aug.]: On Monday 23rd Aug., a student physically attended the lecture in S6 and tested positive for COVID-19 later in that week. Please monitor your own health and wellbeing, stay aware of potential COVID-19 symptoms, and stay home if you suspect any illness.
  • Important (COVID19): Back to the one-meter rule Due to the announcement(, we need to keep *more than* one meter distance in teaching too. This rule limits number of students who can attend lectures physically. Only half of the students can come to the lecture hall physically.
  • Important (COVID19): Half capacity for physical attendance in lecture halls Currently, we prioritize students with their first names starting with A-M on Mondays, and N-Z on Tuesdays. If the lecture hall is full (in the reduced capacity setting), we need to ask students who are not prioritized to leave and attend digitally.
  • All lectures will be recorded and I will use my iPad for board writing which will be published as a .pdf file online after each lecture.
  • Excercise sessions:
    • Starting from the week 35.
    • More info messages under Øvingsopplegg and Øvingstimer in the left menu .
  • COVID19: Take care of infection control - stay home if you are sick, keep your distance, alcohol hands, register at check-in every time and use the infection trace app.
  • First lecture: Monday 23rd, August 16:15

Reference group

Info removed after the exam because of GDPR.


  • Monday 16:15-18:00 in auditorium S6
  • Tuesday 14:15-16:00 in auditorium KJL5



Har du spørsmål?

  • Spørsmål om øvinger/øvingsgrupper:
  1. Sjekk først hjemmesiden nøye
  2. Spørr deretter studass
  3. Spørr deretter overstudass i treffetiden
  4. Hvis alt annet slår feil - send mail til overstudass
  • Andre spørsmål om undervisningen:
  1. Sjekk først hjemmesiden nøye
  2. Kontakt deretter faglærer i pausen og rett etter forelesningene er slutt
  3. Kontakt deretter faglærer i treffetiden
  4. Hvis alt annet slår feil - send epost til faglærer

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