CONSULTATION Tuesday 24 November on zoom, the usual lecture time. Wednesday 25 November 14:15 - 15 (prolonged, if there are too many questions).

Teacher: Peter Lindqvist

"He who can does/ he who cannot, teaches" G. B. Shaw

Everything should be made as simple as possible - but no simpler [than that]. A. Einstein

"I have fought a good fight, I have finished my course,… "

Lectures: Tuesday 14.15 -16, Friday 14.15-16 (digital lectures on zoom). Id: 968 2002 4571, Passcode: 191508.

The lectures will be recorded. The last lectures with repetition (week 47) will not be recorded

Lecture Notes

Lecture INotes 18.VIII
Lecture IINotes 21.VIII
Lecture IIINotes 25.VIII
Lecture IV Notes 28.VIII
Lecture V Notes 1.IX.
Lecture VI Notes 4.IX.
Lecture VII Notes 8.IX
Lecture VIII Notes 11.IX
Lecture IX Notes 15.IX
Lecture X Notes 18.IX
Lecture XI Notes 22.IX
Lecture XII Notes for 25.IX
Lecture XIII Notes 29.IX
Lecture XIV Notes 2.X
Lecture XV Notes 6.X
Lecture XVI Partial notes 9.X
Lecture XVII Notes for 13.X
Lecture XVIII Notes 16.X
Lecture XIX Notes 20.X
Lecture XX Notes 23.X
Lecture XXI Notes 27.X
Lecture XXII Notes 30.X
Lecture XXIII Notes 3.XI
Lecture XXIVNotes 6.XI
Lecture XXV Lecture 10.XI
Lecture XXVI Lecture 13. XI.

Lecture Recordings

Various Notes

Euler's Gamma Function Gamma
An example with interference Forced spring
Weierstrass' Nowhere Differentiable Continuous Function A Fourier Series
Some pictures with partial sums Sawtooth; Rectangular Wave
Convolution (of signals) Picture
Low Pass FilterA picture. Causality
Fourier transform of Gaussian distribution Calculation
Very simplified picture of earCochlea.
An example of residue integration cos(3x)/(4+xx)

Disorganization ?

'Si non e vero, e ben trovato'. dusken.pdf

Reference Group

Martin Fuglum.
Maya Meixia Retzius.
Saule Tripple Trepekunaite.

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