TMA4120 Matematikk 4K høsten 2019


* IMPORTANT INFORMATION ABOUT SUMMER EXAM: Exam will be at home and the grade will be pass/not pass (bestått/ikke bestått). You will be able to write the solutions of the questions directly into the webpage. You have the possibility to show all the computations and justifications in each of the exam questions. The right answer without justification will give you full score, but if you show your justification would be possible to get some points even though the answer is not totally correct.
  • Exam and LF.
  • The formula sheet for the exam is now available here . Please note that Rottmann Matematisk Formelsamling will not be allowed during the exam.
  • You can find the recording of the lectures here.
  • TMA4120 starter den 19. august!


2020-11-26, Lars Peter Lindqvist