TMA4115 - Calculus 3, Spring 2015 - Old Exam problems

All exam problems from 2012 and up to today are relevant. A list of recommended problems for each topic can be found here.

2014Fall EnglishSolutions (in English)
2014Kont Norwegian EnglishSolutions (in English)
2014Spring Norwegian EnglishSolutions(in English)
2013Autumn Norwegian EnglishSolutions(in English)
2013Kont Norwegian EnglishSolutions(in English)
2013Spring Norwegian English Solutions(in English)
2012Fall Norwegian English Solution (in English)
2012Kont Norwegian English Solution (in English)
2012Spring Norwegian EnglishSolutions (in English)
2011FallNorwegian EnglishSolution (in Norwegian)
2011KontNorwegian EnglishSolution (in Norwegian)
2011Spring Norwegian EnglishSolution (in Norwegian)
2010FallNorwegian EnglishSolution (in Norwegian)
2010KontNorwegian EnglishSolution (in Norwegian)
2010SpringNorwegian EnglishSolution (in Norwegian)
2009FallNorwegian EnglishSolution (in Norwegian)
2009KontNorwegian Solution (in Norwegian)
2009SpringNorwegianSolution (in Norwegian)
2008FallNorwegian Solution (in Norwegian)
2008KontNorwegian Solution (in Norwegian)
2008SpringNorwegian Solution (in Norwegian)
2007FallNorwegian EnglishSolution (in Norwegian)
2007KontNorwegian English Solution (in Norwegian)
2007SpringNorwegian English Solution (in Norwegian)
2006FallNorwegian English Solution (in Norwegian)
2006KontNorwegian Solution (in Norwegian)
2006SpringNorwegian English Solution (in Norwegian)
2005FallNorwegian Solution (in Norwegian)
2005KontNorwegian Solution (in Norwegian)
2005SpringNorwegian Solution (in Norwegian)
2004FallNorwegian EnglishSolution (in Norwegian)
2004KontNorwegian English Solution (in Norwegian)
2004SpringNorwegian English Solution (in Norwegian)
2015-04-21, Eugenia Malinnikova