TMA4115 - Calculus 3, spring 2015


18.08 Here is the solution for the make-up (kont) exam. UPDATE: the file uploaded was a previous version of the exam (which was not exactly the one given). Here are respectively the exam and the solution.
26.05 Herelf.pdf are solutions for today's exam problems. Have a nice summer!
20.05 Here is the best answer I can give to the questions regarding the quadratic forms: 7.2 is part of the curriculum (read it), we assume you know what a quadratic form is and how it is connected to a symmetric matrix; we don't assume that you have done exercises on conic sections and know their classification. Diagonalization of symmetric matrices (7.1) is an important part of the curriculum, its application to quadratic forms was not emphasized on the lectures; there are number of problems in the old exams on quadratic forms that are not relevant (for example problem 6 from Fall 2009).
09.05 Information about mattelab before the exam are added below.
01.05 Examination aids are code C, in particular Karl Rottmann: Matematisk formelsamling and a basic calculator NTNUs specifications.
21.04 Some recommended problems from old exams and new parts of the curriculum are listed here. If you have any questions concerning the exam, please feel free to contact the lecturers.
17.04 Repetition meetings for Matte 3 are planned for May 21-23, more information will appear on this page. Please contact us if you have any suggestions or requiests.
17.03 Please answer the questionnaire here
18.02 Next week we start with Section 2.5, LU decomposition. This section is NOT covered by the video lectures.
10.01 Homework groups are now ready!
18.12 Lectures begin in week 2, see the official schedule. Problem sessions (Øvinger) will be held according to the schedule from week 3, no problem sessions before January 12th

Textbook and Syllabus

Textbook: Differential Equations, Linear algebra and its applications, Pearson, compiled by IMF, NTNU. ISBN 978-1-78016-081-8.

The syllabus can be found here.


Teaching assistants

Magnus Hellstrøm-Finnsen

Elias Bjørne
Email: eliasseb at stud


There are * Video recordings of lectures from Spring 2012 available in Norwegian.

Other Resources

  • Simply Complex: an iPad app for exploring the geometry behind the complex numbers.
  • Sage: an open-source mathematics software system that runs on all main architectures, as well as via a web browser.


We have reserved S8 for mattelab, there will be some TAs present at the following slots

  • 21.05 12-16
  • 22.05 10-14
  • 23.05 12-16

It will also be arranged a repetition lecture at 23.05 10:15-12:00 (also in S8).

2015-08-21, Antoine Julien