TMA4110 - Calculus 3, fall 2014


New Messages

(18. Aug.)
The solution for the make-up exam (kont 2015) can be found on the TMA4115 page: TMA4115 - Calculus 3, spring 2015.

(7. Dec.)
The solution for the exam. Exam, soluition.

(24. Nov.)
Room R1 has been booked on the 2nd of December, from 13:00 to 16:00. You can come to prepare the exam, and we will be here to answer questions.

(13. Nov.)
Permitted examination aids
Examination aids are permitted according to Support Material Code C:

Specified printed and hand-written support material is allowed. 
A specific basic calculator is allowed.

The first sentence refers to Karl Rottmann, Matematisk Formelsamling.
A list of permitted basic calculators can be found by following the above link.
(13. Nov.)
Earlier exam problems
More earlier exam problems
These can be helpful if you would like to work on more problems in order to prepare for the exam.
(10. Nov.)
Questionnaire in Calculus 3
This is an evaluation of the studying process in Calculus 3, fall 2014. The aim of the evaluation is to improve use of the resources.

Old Messages

(15. Oct.)
The semester plan and curriculum have been updated: Section 2.5 on matrix factorization has been added, and Section 3.3 on Cramer's rules has been removed.
(20. Aug.)
The homework assignments have been put online.


Differential Equations, Linear algebra and its applications. Pearson, compiled by IMF, NTNU. ISBN 978-1-78016-081-8.


Markus Szymik for BKJ, DESIG, IØT, MART, MT, PROD

Antoine Julien for BYGG, ING, PETR, TEKGEO


The syllabus can be found here.

Preliminary semester plan


Lectures begin in week 34 (August 18-22). Exercise sessions begin in week 35 (August 25-29).


BYGG, ING, PETR, TEKGEO Tuesday 10-12 (R1), Wednesday 10-12 (F1)

BKJ, DESIG, IØT, MART, MT, PROD Tuesday 8-10 (R7, week 45 in R2), Thursday 12-14 (R7)

Problem sessions

See the Official Timetable.


Video recordings of lectures (in Norwegian) from Spring 2012:

NTNU openVideo
iTunes podcast
a broken link that does not work

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