Note on Runge-Kutta and Multistep methods

Day Date Note Other Subject Teaching material
1 01.02.2021 Symplectic integration with Runge-Kutta methods symplectic
2 02.02.2021 Preservation of first integrals. Energy preservation/dissipation. energy-preserving-dissipative
3 03.02.2021 Simultaneous preservation of two or more geometric properties. multipleGproperties
4 04.02.2021 Guest lectures by Sigrid Leyendecker and Martin Arnold. Arnold Leyendecker
5 05.02.2021 Introduction and primer on Lie group integrators Slides
6 08.02.2021 Foundations of Lie group integrators (manifolds, Lie groups etc) Slides (Day 1+2)
7 09.02.2021 Lie group integrators Slides (Day 1+2+3)
2021-02-09, Brynjulf Owren