Programme (tentative)

Tuesday we start at 08:45 with some information and chatting. The two other days, we start at 09:15 as indicated below. Chatting and socialising is encouraged in the breaks.

List of speakers and abstracts

  • Elena Celledoni, NTNU. Methods to compute optimal reparametrizations in shape analysis
  • Ergys Cokaj, NTNU. Introduction to Lie group integrators abstract.
  • Charles Curry, NTNU. TBA
  • Marielle Debeurre, HESAM University, Lille. MANLAB: A numerically-efficient continuation software for the periodic solution of nonlinear systems abstract.
  • Stefan Holzinger, University of Innsbruck. Application of explicit Lie group integrators to engineering applications abstract
  • Toni Jelusic, C3M, Slovenia. AceFEM system and its foundation on automatic differentiation abstract
  • Andrea Leone, NTNU. Dynamics of two quadrotors transporting a mass point abstract.
  • Lu Li , Simula Research. Title: A new linearly implicit  energy-preserving exponential method for conservative or dissipative systems abstract
  • Davide Manfredo , Fraunhofer ITWM. Modeling and simulation of inelastic effects in composite cables abstract
  • Hans Munthe-Kaas, University of Bergen. Towards Lie-Butcher series for geodesic flows
  • Davide Murari, NTNU. Lie group integrator’s approach to the N-fold pendulum abstract
  • Brynjulf Owren, NTNU. Deep neural networks as structure preserving optimal control problems abstract
  • Jonatan Stava , University of Bergen. Algebras of connections on symmetric spaces abstract
  • Martina Stavole, FAU, Erlangen. Variational formulations and simulations of the 1D wave equation and the geometrically exact beam. abstract
  • Benjamin Tapley, NTNU. Computational geometric methods for suspension of inertial particles abstract
  • Jan Tomec, University of Rijeka, Dynamic loads on a satellite and its aerials during an ascent
  • Denise Tumiotto, MLU, Halle. The generalised $\alpha$-scheme for the evaluation of the energy dissipation in the elastic pendulum abstract.
  • Dejan Zupan, University of Ljubljana. The velocity-based beam formulation with energy preservation abstract
2021-03-02, Brynjulf Owren