Manifolds and Geometric Integration Colloquia

Place: Ilsetra, Øyer, Norway (hybrid physical and digital event)
Date: March 1 – March 5, 2021
Starting: Tuesday March 2 at 8:45 and the other days at 9:15.

For speakers use the link sent via e-mail to choose the time slot for your talk (or contact Elena or Brynjulf via e-mail).

Twitter and pictures

If you have a twitter account and want to tweet about MaGIC 2021, please tag the tweet with #magic2021thread.

The tradition of the MaGIC meeting is to do some skiing in the middle of the day. We therefore encourage everyone, in the good MaGIC-style, to go outside to get some fresh air and perhaps a little exercise in the breaks between 11:00 and 16:00. If you do this, and decide to take a picture or two, please feel free to email them to us, and we will take this as your consent to publish it on this webpage. We'd love to have you guys featuring in the photos, but it is also OK just to send a photo without people on it, taken in a nice spot near where you are.

Preliminary list of speakers

  • Ergys Çokaj, title: Introduction to Lie group integrators
  • Marielle Debeurre, title: MANLAB: A numerically-efficient continuation software for the periodic solution of nonlinear systems
  • Stefan Holzinger, title: Application of explicit Lie group integrators to engineering applications
  • Toni Jelusic, title: AceFEM system and its foundation on automatic differentiation
  • Andrea Leone, title: Dynamics of two quadrotors transporting a mass point
  • Lu Li, title: A new linearly implicit energy-preserving exponential method for conservative or dissipative systems
  • Davide Manfredo, title: Modeling and simulation of inelastic effects in composite cables
  • Hans Munthe-Kaas, title: Towards Lie-Butcher series for geodesic flows
  • Davide Murari, title: Lie group integrator’s approach to the N-fold pendulum
  • Brynjulf Owren, title: Deep neural networks as structure preserving optimal control problems
  • Jonatan Stava, title: Algebras of connections on symmetric spaces
  • Martina Stavole, title: Variational formulations and simulations of the 1D wave equation and the geometrically exact beam
  • Benjamin Tapley, title: Computational geometric methods for suspension of inertial particles
  • Jan Tomec, title: Dynamic loads on a satellite and its aerials during an ascent
  • Denise Tumiotto, title: The generalised $\alpha$-scheme for the evaluation of the energy dissipation in the elastic pendulum
  • Dejan Zupan, title: The velocity-based beam formulation with energy preservation
  • Halvor Gustad, title: TBA
  • Elena Celledoni, title: Methods to compute optimal reparametrizations in shape analysis
2021-03-02, Brynjulf Rustad Owren