Prosjekt- og masteroppgaver for Rune Haugseng


In my own research I am mostly interested in homotopy-coherent algebraic and categorical structures (in particular (∞,n)-categories and ∞-operads), and their applications in other areas such as (derived) geometry and (topological) quantum field theory. I am happy to supervise bachelor and master projects on a variety of topics in topology, (higher) category theory, and related areas. Below I briefly mention a few possible topics, but feel free to just get in touch if you are interested in doing a project/thesis with me!

Bachelor projects

For students with some background in topology, there are many interesting topics suitable for a bachelor thesis, such as Morse theory, cobordisms, characteristic classes, sheaf cohomology, 2-dimensional topological quantum field theories, or K-theory. Category theory could also be a good topic, and need not require much background (though some experience with algebra is probably required to understand the motivation).

Master projects

Depending on your background, some possibilities are: ∞-categories, (∞-)operads, 3-dimensional topological quantum field theories, algebraic K-theory, …

Here are some introductory articles that should give an idea of the sorts of things I work on:

Relevant courses

2021-12-05, Rune Gjøringbø Haugseng