Project and master thesis work in statistics supervised by Benjamin Dunn

My main interest is in neural data science methods.

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I am currently looking for students who are interested in statistical methods for understanding large-scale neural data. A nice introduction to this type of work can be found here:

Cunningham, J.P. and Byron, M.Y., 2014. Dimensionality reduction for large-scale neural recordings. Nature neuroscience, 17(11), p.1500.

Another interesting version of these ideas can be found here:

Vyas, S., Golub, M.D., Sussillo, D. and Shenoy, K.V., 2020. Computation through neural population dynamics. Annual Review of Neuroscience, 43, pp.249-275.

Please contact me directly for more information about these or other projects.

2021-12-02, Benjamin Adric Dunn