Exchange students

Here is some of the things you probably would want to know when doing mathematics at NTNU. If you have any questions related to the math department, don't hesitate to ask the persons listed to the right.


You have probably already planned what subjects to take. However, there is nothing wrong with taking a look at the list of subjects taught. A rough guide to the codes:

  • MA means matemathics, ST means statistics. Those labeled TMA are the engineering courses, and include both math and stat subjects. MA/ST subjects tend to be a little more of theoretical interest, but the distiction is sometimes weak. Hence, you should choose based on what you want to study, not the code.
  • Those having an 8XXX code are meant for PhD students, but are usually open for everyone.
  • MA/ST courses starting with 1XXX are elementary, 2XXX are for a little more advanced students and 3XXX are intended for master students.
  • TMA4145 is the first non-elementary of the TMA41XX courses. Apart TMA4240 and TMA4245 are the rest of the TMA subjects advanced at different levels.

Select a course to read about it. If it's taught this semester, you can also have a look at the course's home page. visit, find your subject and click on the link for this term.

Reading rooms

If you're taking 15 credits or more during a semester, you can get your own place in one of our reading halls. Drop by the department office on 7th floor in Sentralblokk II to get your place.

Make sure to bring your NTNU student ID card.


At most exams, only two calculator models are accepted. It's the soon-extinct Hewlett-Packard 40S or the newer Citizen SR-270X. If you take courses at the Department and don't want to buy one just for a couple of exams, you can borrow it from the department. You can usually pick it up the day before the exam, and it should be handed back as soon as possible afterwards.

2015-11-30, Ragnhild Naas Reitan