ST2304 Statistisk modellering for biologer/bioteknologer (våren 2021)

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Course material (lecture notes etc.) from last year are here

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  • ha en aktiv NTNU-brukerkonto
  • ha betalt semesteravgift for våren 2020
  • være undervisningsmeldt i emnet (sjekk på StudentWeb)

Kontakt faglærer Bob O'Hara hvis du fremdeles ikke har tilgang.


Note that all teaching will be online (we may organise in-person sessions later if the COVID-19 situation changes, and if there is sufficient demand for it): (starts Tuesday 12th January)

All materials can be found at this web link - just click on the correct folder for the lecture week

Exam Preparation

Up until the exams we will (try to) keep the Tuesday and Thursday session open, if you want to ask questions during your revision. We will also arrange some more specific sessions.

Last year's exams are now available here, along with a score sheet:

Exam v2020 question set

Exam v2020, Continuation question set

This year's exam will be similar in layout.

Most of the modules have been converted to PDFs: the links are below; they are all in this folder.

Course Material

Week 1: Introduction

Week 2: Maximum Likelihood

Week 3: Uncertainty in Maximum Likelihood Estimates

Week 4: The Normal Distribution

Week 5: Regression

To use the intro to markdown: download the file onto your computer (right-click and chose "save link as". Check that it saves with .Rmd at the end of the file name: that is how the computer know it is an R Markdown file). Then open it in RStudio (it might be enough to double-click on it). Then you have the markdown file in RStudio, so you can edit it. When you want to convert it to html, click the "Knit" button above the pane with the file in it. That should convert the Markdown document to html, and open a browser. If you click on the arrow next to the Knit button, you can get a menu so you can decide to knit the document to be a pdf or Word doc.

This course was written with Markdown, so now you know how it was done.

Week 6: Model Checking (week beginning 15th February)

Week 7: Multiple Regression (week beginning 22nd February)

Week 8: Categorical Covariates (week beginning 1st March)

Week 9: More Categorical Covariates (week beginning 8th March)

Week 10: Model Selection (week beginning 15th March)

This week we split the module into 3 parts.

Week 11: Catch up and examples of "full" analyses (week beginning 22nd March)

(good news: no new exercise for handing in this week!)

Week 11 answers

Easter: (week beginning 29th March)

Week 12: Generalised Linear Models (week beginning 5th April)

Week 13: Binomial Generalised Linear Models (week beginning 12th April)

Week 14: Poisson Generalised Linear Models (week beginning 19th April)

Week 15 and later: Revision for the course. (week beginning 26th April)

2021-05-07, Bob O'Hara