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Frédéric Patras: What is a mathematical structure?

Sted: Lunsjrommet i 13. etg., Sentralbygg 2

Tid: Fredag 10.06.2022 klokken 12:15–13:00

There is a long lasting debate on what a «mathematical structure» is and should be. Part of the debate is internal to mathematics, part internal to the philosophy of mathematics. I will survey these debates, what they say about mathematical practice, what they say about philosophers' views on maths. Among other things, I will insist on two approaches. One goes back to logicism, Russell and Carnap. The other one to the German school of algebra and Bourbaki. I'll try to show that these distinctions are not just esthetical as they lead to different ways of doing mathematics (based on joint work with P. Cantù).

2022-06-10, Hallvard Norheim Bø