Invited speakers will stay at Scandic Bakklandet.

We encourage other participants to make their own reservations. If you choose one of the hotels: Scandic Bakklandet, Nidelven or Lerkendal, you can have a fixed NTNU-price, which currently is (NOK, per night): 1200 (Bakklandet), 1340 (Nidelven), 1030 (Lerkendal), respectively. For this, you will need a code, which you can get by sending us an e-mail. Note that you might get a lower price by NOT using this code, depending on when you reserve…


Getting to the hotel

Airport shuttle bus

The Airport shuttle bus travels from the airport (Trondheim Lufthavn Værnes) to Bakkegata. When you exit the bus the hotel (Scandic Bakklandet) is right across the street by the river.

Tickets can be bought online or at a ticket machine at the airport. Tickets can also be bought on the bus, but then there is an additional cost.

Getting to the conference

Public bus

To get from the hotel to campus take 22 Vestlia via sentrum-Othilienborg from Bakkegata to Gløshaugen. The Bakkegata bus stop is across the street from the hotel and is the same stop you went off if you took the bus from the airport. The bus leaves every 20 minutes or every 10 minutes during rush hours. The trip takes 10 minutes with 5 intermediate stops.

Note: Tickets are not sold on the bus and must be bought in advance. Tickets can be bought in the AtB app or through SMS, see the AtB website. Tickets are also sold at ticket machines and certain retailers, but there are none in the immediate vicinity of the hotel. If you have trouble buying tickets the hotel should be able to help you.


Walking from the hotel to campus is about a 25 minute walk. The trip is 2km, but keep in mind that there is a somewhat steep uphill with an elevation of 50m towards the end.

Directions are as follows:

  • As you exit the hotel, take a right and round the corner with the kiosk (MIX) and the convenience store (Bunnpris).
  • Follow the paved road, and continue straight when it turns into an asphalt road.
  • Walk up the hill to the traffic light intersection.
  • Across the road on the left is a footpath leading up the hill to campus.

The conference venue

The conference takes place on the NTNU campus, mainly in the S4 lecture room. Above you see a simplified map of campus. For a more detailed map, use the MazeMap service. On Saturday there will be free lunch in the department lunch room. The lunch room is located on the 13th floor, and you will have a view of the entire city. On Friday you are responsible for your own lunch, one option is to buy food in the university cafeteria.

The conference dinner

On Friday there will be a joint dinner at To Rom og Kjøkken at 7pm. This is free for all participants, including (a limited amount of) drinks. The restaurant is in the city center, about 500m from Scandic Bakklandet.

2022-05-30, Jacob Fjeld Grevstad