Øyvind 60

June 3 - June 4, 2022

Øyvind på kontoret sitt

Øyvind 60 is a conference hosted by the Algebra group at NTNU, in celebration of Øyvind Solberg's 60th birthday.

For 35 years, Øyvind has made deep contributions to many parts of representation theory and homological algebra, including Cohen-Macaulay representations, liftings, relative homology, Koszul algebras, Hochschild cohomology and support varieties. He has also been a major contributor to the QPA (Quivers and Path Algebras) part of the computer algebra program GAP. As a teacher, supervisor and colleague, he is highly appreciated by everyone.




The venue is NTNU, Trondheim. See the info page for more details.

Gloshaugen (Photo: Lars Strømmen, NTNU)

Conference dinner

We invite everybody to a birthday celebration including dinner on Friday evening (that is June 3rd). All food (but not all drinks) will be free for all participants.


Invited speakers will stay at Scandic Bakklandet.

We encourage other participants to make their own reservations. If you choose one of the hotels: Scandic Bakklandet, Nidelven or Lerkendal, you can have a fixed NTNU-price, which currently is (NOK, per night): 1200 (Bakklandet), 1340 (Nidelven), 1030 (Lerkendal), respectively. For this, you will need a code, which you can get by sending us an e-mail. Note that you might get a lower price by NOT using this code, depending on when you reserve…


Contact: aslak.buan@ntnu.no (Aslak Bakke Buan)

Technical support: Jacob F. Grevstad (NTNU)

2022-05-31, Jacob Fjeld Grevstad