Improving our understanding of coastal marine ecosystems
Ingrid Ellingsen

The coastal waters of Central Norway showcase a great biodiversity. The Froan archipelago and the coral reefs of the Sula rise are highly productive, with several species of fish, clams and crab. Results from SINTEF's ocean model system SINMOD further show that the region has a high pelagic primary production. Despite the region's ecological and economical importance, no research project has fully investigated the basic driving forces behind the structures and functions of the marine ecosystem in Froan. This is the motivation behind the project ENTiCE in which modelling, ocean space technology and biological sciences are joined. The presentation will show how modelling has been used in the project starting from the motivation, in field planning and sampling strategies and how models contribute to a better understanding of the tight physical-biological coupling processes. Results from the project are in turn used to further develop and improve the model system.

2018-11-12, Kanna Rajan