For the people coming from Oslo.

by plane

The meeting starts thursday 5th at 12:00 am, so we propose options for leaving Oslo thursday morning and have good time to arrive to NTNU.

There is an SAS plane leaving Oslo 9:00 am and arriving Trondheim 9:55 am. There is a Norwegian plane leaving Oslo 8:55 am and arriving Trondheim 9:50 am.

Once you are in Værnes (Trondheim's airport) take the SAS flybussen (not the express buss!!!). The buss leaves you in from of the Studentersamfundet after approximatley 40 minutes.

walk from Studentersamfundet to Hovedbygningen

Where to stay

We recommend P-Hotels Brattøra and Thon Hotel Trondheim .

2015-09-07, Eduardo Ortega Esparza