BankID An electronic identification method that is issued by certain banks. Replaces MinID at web portals such as Skatteetaten and Altinn. Read more here.
D number A temporary national ID number which you can get from Skatteetaten before you receive the immigration approval from the police. A D number or a fødselsnummer is needed to open a bank account and receive salary. See also fødselsnummer.
Fødselsnummer Also called "national ID number" and "national identity number". Norwegian citizens receive a fødselsnummer at birth; immigrants are assigned one after visiting Skatteetaten. You need a fødselsnummer to be able to open a bank account, to receive salary, to log in to Pagaweb and Innsida, to register with a personal physician, and more. Before you obtain your fødselsnummer you may apply to Skatteetaten to obtain a temporary one (see D number). See this for more information.
IE Faculty of Information Technology and Electrical Engineering (Fakultet for informasjonsteknologi og elektroteknikk).
IMF The Department of Mathematical Sciences (Institutt for matematiske fag).
Innsida Innsida is the official communication channel of NTNU, IME and IMF. Here is a user guide.
MinID MinID is a way to identify yourself on digital platforms and is used by most governmental and financial institutions as a secure way of identification. See this page for information on obtaining your MinID.
National ID number See fødselsnummer.
PagaWeb Pagaweb is NTNU's online system for everything related to wages, travel reimbursements, etc. Here is a user guide.
Skatteetaten The Norwegian Tax Administration.
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