MASTMO – MSc programme in MAthematical and STatistical MOdelling

MASTMO is a joint project between

The aim of MASTMO is to establish a MSc programme in mathematical and statistical modelling at Hawassa University based on and linked to the existing Industrial Mathematics programme at NTNU.

MASTMO consists of two major activities:

  • Qualification of HU faculty at NTNU (2008 - 2010)
  • Implementation of the MSc programme at HU (2009 - 2012)

MASTMO is part of Norad's Programme for Master Studies (NOMA). Office of International Relations is NTNU's NOMA Coordinator.

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The MASTMO project is now completed. However, a third MASTMO cohort started in October 2013 after a pause of one year. The MASTMO M.Sc. progran will therefore continue, and a revision of the curriculum will take place as part of a new NORAD project in the NORHED group, also starting in autumn 2013. The new project is a cooperation between NTNU, University of Oslo, Molde University College, and Hawassa University aiming at establishing a PhD-programme in the line of MASTMO. More information will follow.

This is the list of MASTMO third batch students inaugurated October, 2013: MASTMO 3th batch students

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MASTMO 2nd Cohort

The MASTMO 2nd cohort students started in 2011, and 21 students graduated this summer (2013). A list of students along with the titles of their theses is found under Information for students in the left margin.

Immatriculation of the first MASTMO cohort

The immatriculation of the first MASTMO cohort took place on Tuesday, October 5th 2010. A total of 21 students were enrolled, 3 females and 18 males. The students have a good mix in background both scientifically (mathematics and statistics) and geographically (across Ethiopia), and all seem very committed.

The ceremony was held in great style with talks by Dr. Ayele Taye and Vice-President Dr. Sheleme Beyene from Hawassa University, and Professor Henning Omre from NTNU.


From the opening ceremony. Dr. Ayele Taye welcomes the MASTMO students.

After tea - some very successful team building efforts were organized. The students were challenged by practical topological problems as well as algebraic paradoxes, and the ceremony was completed with lunch for students and staff at the new Hawassa University Hotel.

The lectures in the 1st semester MSc courses

  • Linear Mathematical Methods
  • Numerical Mathematics
  • Stochastic Processes

started the following day. mastmofirstlecturereduced.jpg

Students attending the first MASTMO lecture on Stochastic Processes.

Opening of the Graduate Students’ Computer Lab

The Graduate Students’ Computer Lab, financed by the MASTMO project, was opened Wednesday, October 13th. The lab is up to date and comparable to any student computer lab at European or US universities. It consists of 20 PC workstations in a local network with a common file server and printer. UPS units protect the lab from occasional power disruption. The computers are only accessible by personal usernames and passwords.

Apart from the installed Windows operating system, the lab has only installed open source, public domain software ranging from the OpenOffice program suite to a complete LaTeX installation for scientific reporting, GNU Octave for numerical computations, R for statistical analysis, and Maxima for symbolic manipulations. Compilers for the most common programming languages are also installed.

The computer lab has an organized message system for MASTMO students and course web-pages with educational material and exercises for all MASTMO courses.

The computer lab will be open to all MASTMO students and second year students from the Applied Statistics MSc. programme. Planned opening hours for the lab will be from 09:00 to 20:00 from Monday to Friday, and even some opening hours on Saturdays will be considered.


From Graduate Students’ Computer Lab.

List of MASTMO students in the 1st cohort: Table of First Cohort, 2003EC AY Semester I

Slight revision of MASTMO Curriculum

NTNU visit to Awassa November 2009

The NTNU project team visited Awassa November 23 – 27, 2009. Read more about the project status and the 4th Steering Committee Meeting here.


Meeting with the Hawassa University administration. From the left: Professors, PhD Ayele Taye, Harald Krogstad, President, PhD Admasu Tsegaye, Professors Heening Omre and Anne Kvernø, Vice President for Academic Affairs and Research, PhD Sheleme Beyene.


From HU's new campus, November 2009.


Well attended seminars, November 2009.

Third MASTMO Steering Committee Meeting June 5, 2009

2017-06-13, Hallvard Norheim Bø