MA8502 - Numerical solution of PDEs - Fall 2014


Onsdag 20nde: I mangel på et permament hjem så vil forelesingen bli holdt på lunsjrommet i 13nde etasje. Tidspunkt er som avtalt 10:15 - 12:00.

Important: There will be an organisational meeting where we determine time and place for lectures. If you intend to follow the course, you are strongly advised to show up for this meeting. The meeting is at room 734 at 12:15 on Tuesday 19th of August.

Time and place

Lectures are held

  • Tuesdays: 10:15-12:00 in R90 (Realfag)
  • Wednesdays: 14:15-16:00 in K25 (Chemistry)


The exam will be held at S21 in SBII on Friday 5.12 and Monday 8.12.


The syllabus will be based on various handouts that will be made available as the course progress.

Saddle-point problems
Approximation in finite dimensions
Spectral method
Laplace equation
Convection equation
Fluid mechanics


30% of the final grade will be based on the evaluation of a project.

Code Help

Here I will post code to help you along with the project. The code will be Matlab and C++ only.




The following is a tentative lecture plan that may change as the semester progress.

Week 34: Introduction. Why higher order. Interpolation. Representation in finite dimensions. The equations of fluid mechanics.

Week 35: Convection-Diffusion equations. On the balance of convection and diffusion. Stability vs. Accuracy.

Week 36: Laplace equation: Finite elements of arbitrary order. Spectral methods in one dimension.

Week 37: Laplace equation: Spectral methods in several dimensions.

Week 38: Laplace equation: Spectral methods on deformed geometries.

Week 39: Convection equation: Finite volume methods. Upwinding. Finite element methods. Streamline diffusion.

Week 40: Convection equation: Discontinuous Galerkin methods. Transport and spectral methods.

Week 41: The steady Stokes problem. Divergence contraint. Spectral discretization.

Week 42: Week set of for project work.

Week 43: Week set of for project work.

Week 44: Operator splitting

Week 45: Introduction to Turbulence modeling.

Week 46: Review

Week 47: Review


The course will be given by Trygve Karper. He may be found at office 1342.

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