MA8203 Algebraic Geometry


Reiner Hermann, room 802, Sentralbygg II, Reiner [dot] Hermann [at] math [dot] ntnu [dot] no


Lectures will regularly take place Mondays, 12:15–14:00 and Tuesdays, 10:15–12:00 in room 822.

Th, Jan 8th Lecture at 8:15 in 734
Th, Mar 5th Extra Lecture at 8:15 in 734
Mo, Mar 9th No Lecture
Tu, Mar 10th No Lecture
Fr, Mar 20th Extra Lecture at 10:15 in 922
Th, Mar 26th Extra Lecture at 10:15 in 822
Th, Apr 9th Lecture at 10:15 in 734
Fr, Apr 10th Lecture at 10:15 in 822
Mo, Apr 13th No Lecture
Tu, Apr 14th No Lecture

A summary of the subjects that have been covered can be found here.


We follow the classical approach to algebraic geometry. Our main goal is to prove Bézout's Theorem. Optional goals are to introduce sheaf cohomology and to prove the Riemann-Roch Theorems.

Requirements are basic knowledge of (commutative) ring theory and topology.


The course will follow the book Algebraic Geometry - An Introduction by Daniel Perrin. This book is originally written in French. However, I will be using the English translation.

Individual chapters of the book can be downloaded from SpringerLink via the NTNU library (that is, you have to be on campus or surf via campus).


Exercises will be posted every other week (after the respective Tuesday lecture). The exercise sheet may be found here. Solutions will be discussed briefly at the beginning of the Monday lectures if desired.

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