MA8106 Harmoniskanalyse våren 2014

Kursbeskrivelse finnes i studiehåndboka.


Foreleser er Yurii Lyubarskii rom 954 SB2;, 73593526
Please write MA8106 in the subject line of all e-mail related to the course.

Lectures Tuesdays 10:15-12:00, Room K24 weeks 4-8 and 14-18; room K25 week 9-13
Thursdays 13:15-15:00, room KJL 23

Exams: oral


14.05.14 Next office hour: 19.05.2014, at 10:00-12:00, in my office
10.05.14 Exams: 15.05.14 and 28.05.14
09.05.14 Office hour: 12.05.2014, at 10:00-12:00, in my office
04.05.14 The list of topics for the exam is here.
28.12.13 The first meeting will take place on Tuesday 07.01, 13:15-14:00, room 734, SB2. Further schedule as well as further details will be decided during this meeting


C.Muscalu, W.Schlag, Classical and Multilinear Harmonic Analysis, v 1,2, Cambridge Studies in Advanced Mathematics, 137, 138. Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, 2013

The first volume starts with classical one-dimensional topics: Fourier series; harmonic functions; Hilbert transform. Then the higher-dimensional Calderón–Zygmund and Littlewood–Paley theories are developed. Probabilistic methods and their applications are discussed, as are applications of harmonic analysis to partial differential equations. The volume concludes with an introduction to the Weyl calculus. Depending upon time we will consider more advanced topics included into the second volume.


E.M.Stein, Harmonic analysis: real-variable methods, orthogonality, and oscillatory integrals, Princeton University Press

A.Torchinsky, Real-variable methods in harmonic analysis, Dover Publications, Inc.

E.M. Stein, Singular integrals and differentiability properties of functions. Princeton Mathematical Series, No. 30, 1970 (old but very nice)

2014-05-14, Yurii Lyubarskii