MA8105 Nonlinear Partial Differential Equations and Sobolev Spaces

Spring 2017

Welcome to MA8105 !


09.05. Corrections Small correction to the interpolation inequality in problem E2, week 14, and the solutions.

Holden chp. 2.2 is NOT part to the curriculum.

25.04. Exam Dates, form, schedule and rooms determined - see 'General information' in the left menu.

Office hours OBS OBS: I will not be available for questions in the period 17.05. - 28.5. !!

Schedule - see 'General information' in the left menu.

Final curriculum Available - see 'General information' in the left menu.

Last lecture Today

Div Lecture blog updated, scan of my lecture note posted, no exercises on application part (FDM for PME).

07.04. Tuesday after Easter
No lecture.

Div info This weeks exercises are available (see 'Lectures' in left menu).
OBS: I have updated the last problem and the discussion of the dual norm, both on the wiki and in my lecture note.

Lecture blog updated.

Fredrik Hildrum volunteered to do this weeks problems.

Solutions to last weeks problems are now available (by Fredrik Høeg).

12.01. Log updated Please check if you did not come to the lecture, I am deviating from original plan.

Exercises The students agreed to take turn writing solutions of part of the problem set.

You can send me a PDF file, e.g. compiled tex or scanned handwritten.
If you send me tex, please send me both TEX and PDF files.

This time Fredrik will write solutions to E1 - E4 (E2 is very easy)

10.01. Lectures Tuesday….. 08:15-10:00 … in room 656 (SB2)

Thursday… 14:15-16:00 … in room 734 (SB2)

First lecture Thursday 12.01.

Lecture note Holden: Tools from the toolbox. Functional Analysis for Partial Differential Equations.

Lecture plan/log See 'Lectures' in the left menu.

03.01. Info meeting

Tuesday 10/01, 15:15-16:00

Room 734, SB2
If you are interested in this course, you should participate:

- Outline of course.
- Determine lecture times.
- Register for course email list (compulsory).

- Can not attend? Send me an email with your preferred lecture times.

  • What is this course about?
    • Mathematical methods and structures that are fundamental for the study of partial differential equations (PDEs), variational calculus, numerical methods etc.
    • Main focus on analytical tools: Functional analysis, compactness methods, different modes of convergence, theory of distributions, \(L^p\) and Sobolov spaces, error estimates.
    • 1-3 weeks on applications to linear and nonlinear PDEs.
  • Who can take this course?
    • Interested students at Master or PhD level.
    • The level should be suitable for good 4th year students in the industrial mathematics program.
    • It can be taken as a regular course or a 'fordypningsemne'.

    • Very relevant for students specialising in PDEs, optimization, analysis, numerical analysis, or probability.
  • Prerequisites:
    • Elementary functional analysis, equivalent to TMA4145 Linear Methods.
    • Some real analysis (Lebesgue integration theory).
    • It is advantageous, but not necessary, to have some background in partial differential equations.


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2017-05-09, Espen Robstad Jakobsen