MA8104 Wavelets - Høsten 2011


02/09The first lecture will take place on Tuesday 06.09 14:15-16:00 in room 656 SB2 (simastua). The rest of the lectures will take place in room 922 SB2 as scheduled.

Latest news

* 05.09 PhD defense: P.G.Nes: Trial lecture: Friday 9.09.2011 10:15 EL2 «Uncertainty Principles in Signal Analysis»

Defence: "Edge-detection and Gabor-analysis" 13:15 EL2

* Analysis seminar: 12.09.2011, 734 SB2: Monika Dörfler (Faculty of Mathematics, UNIVERSITY of VIENNA),

"Using Gabor frames for Music Analysis"

Abstract: We will show how the concept of Gabor frames is used in analysing sound and music signals. Exploiting some properties of the operators involved in frame analysis, we can build conveniently applicable analysis tools. Numerous examples will be given.

2011-09-02, Yurii Lyubarskii