MA3203 Ring Theory Spring 2019

  • Welcome to the Ring theory course!
  • We have updated the schedule. Note that there are some days where we will meet in a different room. They are listed in the Lecture plan and exercises section.
  • A tentative schedule for the final exam is being created. Please send me an e-mail if you have a preference regarding the date.

Official Course Description

The course description can be found here.

Information about the lectures


Office hours

Simply e-mail me if you want to meet!

Lecture schedule

Note that the room is NOT the same as the one officially given by the university.

Day Time Room
Tuesday 13:15-15:00 656, Sentralbygg II
Friday 10:15-12:00 734, Sentralbygg II

The first lecture is Monday, January 7th, 2019. We will have an exercise session during the last hour of the Friday lecture, starting on week 4.

The room is different for a few lectures, check the Lecture plan and exercises section.

There will be no lecture on Tuesday, April 16 and April 23 and Friday, April 19.

There will be an exercise session on Friday, April 26. This will be the last lecture.


Here are some useful references.

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Final exam

The final exam will be an oral exam. Everything discussed in class or in the exercises is material for the exam.

2019-02-01, Louis-Philippe Thibault