* May 24th, 2017: Office hours before the exam: 12-14 in my office, room 854, SBII, from Monday May 29th - Friday June 2nd.

* April 20th, 2017: There will be no lecture on April 25th. It is moved to May 4th 10:15-12:00. Which room will be announced later.

* January 2nd, 2017: We meet January 10th 10:15 in S23 for the first session. The course will be held using a "flipped classroom" concept. That means that all the lectures will be videos, which are assumed that you watch on your own and before when we meet up in class. So please look under the Menu on the left for Lectures, to see what you should have watched before we meet for the first time.

2017-05-24, √ėyvind Solberg