2.5 I will be available for questions before the exam, the following days: Thursday 3.5 (10-12), Monday 7.5. (10-12) and Wednesday 9.5 (9-11). If you want to meet at some other time, send me a mail first!

19.3 Note, there is a change in the schedule after the Eater break. There will be lectures 16.4 and 17.4, instead of 23.4 and 24.4, as earlier announced.

19.3 Exercise sheet 4 is out, we will discuss it Monday 16.4

7.3. This week's problem session is moved from Tuesday to Thursday (8.3.), 10:15-12:00, Room 734. -Kristin

23.2. NOTE! There is a lecture today THURSDAY 23.2 at 10.15.

23.2. A CHANGE IN THE SCHEDULE! Exercise sheet 3 will be discussed Tuesday 6.3., there is no lecture/exercise session Tuesday 28.2.

17.2. I will be absent in week 9 and 10. Kristin Krogh Arnesen will replace me. The plan for these weeks is as follows:

  • Monday 27.2 you will learn how to use QPA , please meet at the computer-lab: nullrommet 380a nullrommet 380a .You will get some QPA-bases exercises, which will be discussed on Monday 5.3 (also in the computer-lab).
  • On Tuesday 28.2 exercise sheet 3 will be discussed. (see new message)
  • Tuesday 6.3. there will be no lecture/exercise session.

17.2. NOTE! There is only one lecture in week 8: Thursday 21.2. 23.2

17.2. The third exercise-sheet is now available. We will discuss it Thursday 28.2. Note that it is rather long, so you better start working right away!

30.1. The second exercise-sheet is now available. We will discuss it Thursday 9.2.

13.1. The first exercise-sheet is now available. We will discuss it Thursday 26.1.

13.1: The schedule is now fixed, see below.

2.1: First lecture: Monday 9.1. 10.15-12.00, in F4. The schedule for lectures are NOT FIXED yet, so please stay tuned, and please inform me if you plan to attend the course, but cannot come to the first lecture.


Aslak Bakke Buan
telephone: 7355 0289
room: 846, SII

First Lecture

First lecture is Monday 9.1 in F4, time: 10.15-12:00.
We might have to change the schedule. Therefore: if you plan to attend the course, but cannot come to this first lecture, please send me an e-mail, containing your name and an overview of other courses you plan to follow this semester.


Mondays 10.15-12.00, F4
Tuesdays 12.15-14.00, F2
Thursdays 10.15-12.00, Room 734, Sentralbygg II, only: 26.1, 2.2, 9.2, 23.3, 12.4

Detailed plan (last changed 19.3):

Week 6 (6.2-12.2): Monday, Tuesday, Thursday
Week 7 (13.2-19.2): Monday, Tuesday
Week 8 (20.2-26.2): Thursday
Week 9 (27.2-4.3): Monday, Tuesday
Week 10 (5.3-11.3): Monday
Week 11 (12.3-18.3): Monday, Tuesday
Week 12 (19.3-25.3): Monday, Tuesday, Thursday
Week 13 (26.3-1.4): Monday, Tuesday

Week 14,15,16 (2.4-15.4): Nothing

Week 16 (16.4-22.4): Monday, Tuesday
Week 17 (23.4-29.4): Monday, Tuesday


The syllabus will be the lectures and the exercises, and almost all material can be found in the book:
"Representation theory of Artin Algebras" by Auslander, Reiten and Smalø


2012-05-02, Aslak Bakke Buan