MA3202 Galois theory - Spring 2023




Monday   10:15-12:00   Gamle fysikk F4   
Friday   08:15-10:00   Gamle fysikk F4


Laertis Vaso
Office: room 802, Sentralbygg 2
Email: laertis (dot) vaso (at) ntnu (dot) no

Reference group

The reference group is

  • Cristian Baeza (
  • Cian Grant (
  • Chileshe Mwamba (

If you have any comments, concerns or feedback to the course please share them with me or the reference group.

  • First reference group meeting: Friday 03/02. Comments: The motivation of the material, the pace of the lectures and the level of detail of the explanations have been good. The students would like to have some additional harder problems at the end of the problem sets.
  • Second reference group meeting: Friday 28/04. Comments: It is good that the course has covered both the main result and applications. The games we had at a point and the hard problems added to the problem sets have been appreciated. The students would like to have a list of corrections of mistakes from the relevant chapters of the book and some explanation of what results they can reference at the exam.
  • Third reference group meeting: Thursday 08/06. Comments: The exam has reflected the syllabus. The students seem satisfied with the course and especially liked the geometric constructions and the uploaded notes. They would prefer to get some more feedback for their solutions to the problem sets, or even turning the optional problem sets to some sort of assignment.
2024-01-25, Laertis Vaso