MA3201 Rings and modules - Fall 2023



Tuesday   08:15-10:00   Gamle fysikk F4   
Friday    10:15-12:00   Gamle fysikk F4


Laertis Vaso
Office: room 802, Sentralbygg 2
Email: laertis (dot) vaso (at) ntnu (dot) no

Reference group

The reference group is

  • Ida Pelupessy (
  • Johan Hjelseth Storstad (
  • Simon Kauppinen (

If you have any comments, concerns or feedback to the course please share them with me or the reference group.

  • First reference group meeting: Friday 22/09. Comments: the students seem to be satisfied with the structure of the lectures and the uploaded notes. They should be encouraged to send questions by email, which will be answered and posted anonymously on the course website. The problem sets should be uploaded a bit earlier to give more time to the students to solve problems.
2023-09-29, Laertis Vaso