MA2501 - Numerical Methods Spring 2013


  • 21.06: Some final statistics for the course and exam. Enjoy your summer holiday.
Course grades
3 2 14 7 3 6
Average problem score
Problem Average (%)
1a 93
1b 51
2 79
3a 64
3b 39
4 69
5 29
6a 48
6b 31
6c 34
  • 21.06: The individual grades for the course have been posted on StudWeb. The exam with suggested solutions can be found here. It is worth noting that I've made the solution fairly detailed, to aid understanding. I did not require you to be this thorough to get full score on a question, only that your approach/answer was correct, and that the reasoning behind it was understandable and sound.
  • 30.05: I've gotten some questions about this, so to clarify: You need to print out and bring the note on fixed point iterations to the exam yourself. It will not be included with the exam.
  • 29.05: I'll be in my office today and thursday between 10:00 and 16:00. Feel free to come by if you have questions about the curriculum/exam. Preferably send me an email in advance when you would like to come by.
  • 06.05: Suggested solutions to exercise 9 and 10 posted.
  • 06.05: Detailed curriculum posted. Let me know if you have any questions or if any page numbers appear to be incorrect.
  • 04.05: Final exercise 10 posted.
  • 03.05: Suggested solutions to exercise 7 and 8 posted. Exercise 10 should be posted today or tomorrow, and the remaining solutions and a detailed curriculum will be posted during the weekend or on monday.
  • 25:04: Exercise 9 added. I'll try to post suggested solutions to exercise 7, 8 and 9 within the next week.
  • 25:04: Since it is not written on the official course page that the project is mandatory, you may still take the final exam even if you did not hand in the project.
  • 25:04: Grades for the project have been posted on the project page.
  • 23.04: A sign error for the matrices has been corrected in the solution to task 12 of Exercise 5.
  • 19.04: Exercise 8 added.
  • 15.04: Because we're still missing one lecture from the week I was away, there will be a double lecture this Friday the 19th from 14.15-16 and just one exercise hour from 16-17.
  • 11.04: Suggested solutions to exercise 6 added. Exercise 7 added.
  • 05.04: I'll mostly be available on e-mail over the weekend for those who have questions about the project.
  • 04.04: The maximum page number for part 3 has been increased to 5 pages. These are the final page restrictions. Again, don't take this to imply that the report from part 3 needs to be 5 pages.
  • 02.04: I'll be available for most of this week if you need help with the project. Just send me an email when you would like to come by.
  • 02.04 The maximum page number for part 2 has been increased to 6 pages, since feedback indicated that 5 may be too restrictive for some people. Don't take this to imply that the report from part 2 needs to be 6 pages.
  • 01.04: No lecture tomorrow (tuesday 02.04).
  • 21.03: Changed the language slightly in task 3e) to make it clear what is meant by 'residual' in this context.
  • 20.03: Fixed another typo in 3b). You should use semilogy in point 1 as well, otherwise you loose all detail in the plot. You don't have to use it in point 2 anymore, although if you can find a way to do so, it is recommended.
  • 17.03: Fixed a typo in the project regarding the definition of the relative residual in task 3b).
  • 16.03: I'll have office hours next week from 12:00-15:00 on monday 18.03 and wednesday 20.03, where you can come by my office to get help with the project.
  • 14.03: Exercise 6 added. I'll try to keep adding the voluntary exercises to give some relevant tasks from the topics we've gone through that week. Prioritize the project over these.
  • 13.03: The solution to exercise 5 is up. Also corrected task 12: The matrix should be symmetric positive definite, not just positive definite. In other textbooks the two terms are sometimes equal.
  • 11.03: The full project has been posted. Part 3 has been added. Part 2 has also been tweaked. Most notably an illustration has been added to the introduction and the final result in part a) is now stated. This to ease the difficulty slightly, and allow people struggling with this to still move on to the remaining tasks in part 2. Don't hesitate to contact me if something appears to be incorrect or unclear in the text, or if you simply have questions about the project.
  • 10.03: The second part of the project has been posted. The third part is slightly delayed but should be added on monday. Please don't hesitate to ask if something appears unclear or incorrect in the text. Also let me know if the length restriction on the report appears unreasonably low.
  • 07.03: The first part of the project has been posted. The project will have a total of three parts. The two last parts will be added before monday 11 March.
  • 03.03: There was an error in Exercise 5. In task 1c) a(3,1) should have been -1, not 1, such that the matrix is symmetric. This has now been corrected.
  • 23.02: Exercise 5 added.
  • 21.02: Suggested solution to exercise 4 added.
  • 19.02: Because I'm away on a conference next week, there will be no lectures or exercise hours. To make up for this, the exercise hours on friday this week will be used for lectures. The idea is for you to then work on a slightly larger exercise next week instead while I'm gone. I'll post a solution guide as usual when I return. If something about the exercise is unclear you may send me an e-mail.
  • 19.02: For those wondering about the date of the project. I cannot give an exact date yet, but the plan is to reveal the project in week 10.
  • 13.02: Exercise 4 added.
  • 12.02: Suggested solution to exercise 3 added.
  • 09.02: Exercise 3 has been updated. In the last task the suggested function name "det" coincided with the built in function in MATLAB that computes determinants.
  • 07.02: Exercise 3 and suggested solution to exercise 2 added.
  • 05.02: Here is a note on fixed-point iteration that covers the topics discussed in the lecture friday 01.02.
  • 31.01: Exercise 2 has been added.
  • 28.01: A suggested solution to the first exercise has been posted. Don't hesitate to ask if something in the solution is unclear, or you think you've found an error.
  • 23.01: A new exercise has been added.
  • 16.01: The first exercise, titled Øving 0, has been added. This first exercise is in Norwegian. Future exercises will be written in English.
  • 16.01: To accommodate international students I've translated the course page to English. I will also start giving the lectures in English or at least use English on the blackboard. Since the textbook is in English, I also think this will make it easier to move between that and lectures and exercises.
  • 15.01: New page with instructions on how to install and use Matlab has been added.
  • 11.01: The initial electronic order form for the textbook did not reach the bookstore for some unknown reason. Because of this, the textbook will not be available for purchase at Tapir Gløshaugen until 21.01 at the earliest. I do apologize for this inconvenience. Most of the material in the first week will be introductory.
  • 11.01: Time table for the course can be found here
  • 11.01: First lecture: Tuesday Jan 15 at 12:15 in R10
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