MA1103 Vector Calculus - Spring 2012

Information in English

Almost all the information about the course will be given in Norwegian only. Here is just a little in English to get you started. If you have any questions, ask a fellow student to help you with translating the web page, ask your TA, or contact John Erik or assistant X.

General course information


  • The final is Saturday, June 9, 0900-1300
  • Be certain to show up early
  • You will find general information about exams at NTNU here. Note the deadlines! If you have special needs, you need to fill in the required paperwork that you find on this page.
  • You will have to have your homework approved in order to take the final.


Look at the Norwegian page (Resurser). Among other things, you'll find links to a dictionary. In addition to the textbook and homework, the syllabus may consist of a couple of notes. Contact John Erik if you find them hard to read.

Contact information

John Erik Fornæss johnefo ( ) - Please use MA1103 as subject for all course related email
Office 932 in "Sentralbygg II"
Office hour

If you have questions about the problemsessions, send an email to Assistant X (assistantX ( )

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