MA1102 Basic calculus II – Spring 2011

Almost all the information about the course will be given in Norwegian only. Here is just a little in English to get you started. If you have any questions, ask a fellow student to help you with translating the web page, ask your TA, or contact Martin or Harald.

General course information

Some general information is available from the centrally managed course pages.


  • There is just one exam: A final written exam on 21 May 2011.
  • Some general information on exams at NTNU is available. Note the deadlines! If you have special needs, you need to fill in the required paperwork that you find on this page.
  • For this exam, the permitted support materials are according to code D, which means only a simple calculator is allowed. (There are only two approved models: The current Citizen SR-270X or the older HP 30S.)
  • Be certain to show up early for the final exam
  • You will have to have your homework approved in order to take the final exam.


Look under the link “Ressurser” in the margin for the textbook, notes, a simpe dictionary, etc.


Follow the links for email, room number, etc.

Lecturer: Harald Hanche-Olsen.
Responsible for homework and the problem sessions: Martin Wanvik

2011-01-17, Harald Hanche-Olsen