MA0301 Elementary discrete mathematics – Spring 2022

Suggested exercises with solutions

Here you can find some suggested exercises with solutions related to the topics covered in a given week. You can find old exams referred to here by using the menu on the left hand side of the page.

If you would like more exercises and/or problems related to the material to work on, you can also see the Grimaldi textbook that was used in previous years. In particular, several of its exercises have solutions in the back of the book and there are several copies available at the library. Additionally, the old exams also contain more problems with solutions.

Suggested exercises week 12 & 13

Finite automata: Spring 2020, Ex 8 (3)-(4). Spring 2019, Ex 7 (1)-(2).

Regular languages: Spring 2020, Ex 8 (1). Spring 2021, Ex 13 (1)-(3).

Suggested exercises week 11

Spring 2021, Ex 12. Spring 2020, Ex 7 (1) & (3). Cont 2021, Ex 9 & 10.

Suggested exercises week 10

Spring 2019, exercise 5. (Nb!: Closed trail means circuit, and one can ignore the (multi-) part of the formulation.) TMA4140 continuation exam, exercises 7.1 (2), and 7.3 (2). Spring 2020, exercise 6 (3). Spring 2021, exercises 16 and 17.

Additionally, Lewis-Zax 13.7, 13.10 and 13.12 might be worthwhile exercises, and solutions can be provided upon request.

Suggested exercises week 9

Continuation 2021, exercise 15.

Suggested exercises week 7 & 8

Up to and including exercise 5 of last year's set with solutions. Note that one-to-one means injective, onto means surjective, and x|y means x divides y.

2022-04-03, Mads Hustad Sandøy