MA0301 Elementary discrete mathematics – Spring 2018

Welcome to the course elementary discrete mathematics. It addresses primarily students in computer science. The central aim is to present an introduction to the basic mathematical foundations of computer science.


  • 24-04-2018: The final exercise set is finally online. Apologies for the delay. To make up for it, the deadline is Friday next week, and there will be exercise classes on Monday next week (but not Tuesday or Thursday).
  • 15-04-2018: The following week (week 16) there will only be classroom exercises, taken from the whole syllabus up until this point. This is not to be turned in. The regular exercises will resume in week 17 with the last set.
  • 03-04-2018: The interested student should consider reading the paper on Catalan numbers found here. Even if you do not try to understand all the mathematical details, it gives an entertaining and instructive illustration of the interplay between mathematics and computer science.
  • 21-03-2018: There will not be any exercise classes the week after Easter (week 14), but there will be lectures as usual. The deadline for exercise set 11 will be Monday in week 16.
  • 06-03-2018: No lecture on Wednesday, March 14.
  • 13-01-2018: Online notes Mathematics for Computer Science
  • 11-01-2018: Many students have been moved between groups 1 and 2 to avoid conflict with a lecture in another course. Please check which group you belong to before you turn in the first exercise set.
  • 08-01-2018: The webpage is under construction. The course starts on Tuesday, January 9, 12:15, KJL5 Kjelhuset. Note: I plan to follow roughly the Spring 2016 lecture by I. Smit. More details will be given next week.


Ralph P. Grimaldi
Discrete and Combinatorial Mathematics
5. edition
ISBN 0-321-21103-0

Norman L. Biggs
Discrete Mathematics
2. Edition
ISBN 0198507178

2018-04-24, haavarbb