MA0301 Elementary discrete mathematics – Spring 2018


Your exercise group can be found here. Schedule for each group can be found here.

Note: for every lecture, there are 2 types of exercise sets:

The classroom exercises provide the material for the exercise classes. You must prepare them before your exercise class. During the exercise class you can discuss your solutions and possible difficulties you may have had in finding them.

The homework exercises are to be handed in and will be graded (godkjent / ikke godkjent). If you want feedback on each exercise, write "want comments"/"ønsker retting", otherwise your TA will only write "godkjent"/"ikke godkjent". The homework sets are mandatory; you need to pass eight (8) out of twelve (12) in order to take the exam. To pass a homework set, you should work on all parts of each exercise and put in reasonable effort. Prove that your answers are correct. Please deliver the exercises in the third floor of Nordre lavblokk. Our boxes are in the left section. You can also hand in the exercises in ovsys, but then you will not get detailed feedback, just "godkjent"/"ikke godkjent".

Together, the classroom exercises and homework problems shall provide a basic overview of the topics that were presented in the lectures. Only the homework problems are to be handed in and graded.

Solutions will be made available online.

Homework set Exercises Hand in at Solutions Comments
01 Classroom + homework Mon 22 Jan 12:00 Solutions
02 Classroom + homework Mon 29 Jan 12:00 Solutions
03 Classroom + homework Mon 05 Feb 12:00 Solutions
04 Classroom + homework Mon 12 Feb 12:00 Solutions
05 Classroom + homework Mon 19 Feb 12:00 Solutions
06 Classroom + homework Mon 26 Feb 12:00 Solutions The last exercises in both the homework set and the classroom set were removed because they had been given in a previous set.
07 Classroom + homework Mon 05 Mar 12:00 Solutions
08 Classroom + homework Mon 12 Mar 12:00 Solutions
09 Classroom + homework Mon 19 Mar 12:00 Solutions
10 Classroom + homework Tue 03 Apr 12:00 Solutions
11 Classroom + homework Mon 16 Apr 12:00 Solutions In 11.1.13, replace 'path' with 'walk'. In particular, it does not have to be open.
Extra Classroom Solutions Extra sheet of classroom exercises. Not to be turned in, but can be discussed in the exercise classes as usual
12 Classroom + homework Fri 05 May 14:15 Solutions Corrected a typo in 19a. The accepting states are s_0 and s_2, not s_0 and s_3.
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