MA0003 Mathematical Methods for Computer Science - Fall 2014


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19.08.2014 Welcome to the first day of class! Hopefully you received the email about the change in room and time for the first lecture. If not, it will be held 10.15 - 12.00 in room EL6. Note that Thursday's class will be held on Wednesday, 10.15-12.00 in room H3.
20.08.2014 There have been some delays in assigning student assistants to our class. We are still trying to determine how many recitation sessions there will be, and when they will begin. Please check back on Friday 22. August to see what the new situation is. 
22.08.2014 There are still not enough teaching assistants for the course. I don't know why this is, but I hope it will be sorted out soon. Thus, there is no required assignment for this week.
26.08.2014 We now have enough volunteers for the reference group. Their names and contact information have been added to the Reference Group page.
28.08.2014 The situation with the recitation sessions has been resolved. We now have five sessions, listed on the General Course Information page. Each student has been assigned to a particular session, but this is for grading purposes only. You may attend any session you like, but you must submit your homework assignments to the instructor of the session to which you have been assigned. To see which sessions you have been assigned to, click here. You may click here to see which assignments you are missing as the semester progresses. You should check this regularly to make sure you do not have any problems at the end of the semester.
01.09.2014 I have decided to add some printed lecture notes to the course web page. You can find them in the Course Schedule.
09.09.2014 As was discussed in lecture, it may be necessary to change the day and time of the exam so that we can actually find a suitable location for all students. I am thinking of having the exam in the evening from 19.15 - 21.45 on Tuesday 7. October. If this does not work for you, please let me know.
16.09.2014 The department has asked me to change the date of the midsemester exam back to 9. October, from 15.00-17.00. If this will cause a problem, please let me know. The exam will now tentatively take place on 9. October 18.30-20.30. Locations will be announced later.
17.09.2014 I have received emails stating that some of you will have another exam on 9. October until 18.45. Thus, we have two options: we can either have the exam 7. October 17.30-19.00, or on 9. October 19.00-20.30. If either one of these times is a problem, please let me know and I will try to find another time slot.
19.09.2014 The time and location for the exam has been finalized. It will take place on 9. October 19.15-20.45. If your last name begins with A-J, you will take the exam in room S8. If your last name ends in begins with K-Å, you take the exam in S5.
02.10.2014 Next week's classes will consist of review for the exam. In particular, we will pay special attention to material from chapter 4, for which you will not be able to submit the relevant homework assignment before the exam. Make sure to attend lectures if you are concerned about any of the material which will be on the exam.
14.10.2014 Results from the meeting with the reference group have been posted in the Reference Group page.
21.10.2014 The midsemester exams have been graded. Grades can be found here.
30.10.2014 Solutions to the midterm are finally ready. They are available here.
04.11.2014 Don't forget that today's class will take place in room R9!
18.11.2014 Due to some computer problems, I was unable to post the homework assignments in a timely manner. Thus, the deadline for the final homework assignment has been extended to 25. November.
19.11.2014 Updated the lecture notes for Lecture 20. Added a short section on how to solve systems using inverses, which I had forgotten to do before.
24.11.2014 Someone pointed out to me that there was a mistake in Lecture 15 under Step 2. I have posted a corrected version.
26.11.2014 A review session for the final exam has finally been scheduled. It will take place 5. December from 11:00-13:00 in room R8.
28.11.2014 An error in example 5 of lecture 10 was pointed out to me. A corrected version has been posted.
02.12.2014  The list of practice problems has been updated. Please see the Old Exams page for the list.

Course Description

The course is an introduction to calculus for functions of one variable, as well as basic linear algebra. We will learn about exponential, logarithmic and trigonometric functions, as well as limits, differentiation and integration with applications. In addition, we discuss linear equations, matrices and basic matrix computations. These themes are linked to applications in computer science, including computer graphics and image processing.

See course description.

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