MA0003 Brukerkurs i matematikk for informatikere - Høsten 2013


19.08.2013 Welcome to the first day of class! This page will contain announcements made in class, as well as things I forgot to mention in class. Check back often to make sure you don't miss anything important.
20.08.2013 The list of recitation sessions has been updated. You currently have three choices. Please choose the one you prefer and email your choice to me.
25.08.2013 I have assigned everyone on the class list to a recitation. If you are not on the list, or if you need to change recitation sessions, please contact me.
29.08.2013 It seems that no mailboxes for homework assignments have been assigned for our class. I'm trying to figure out why this is. If there are still no mailboxes by Saturday morning, please submit your homeworks to me during lecture on Monday.
01.09.2013 The mailbox situation seems to have been resolved. Please submit your homework in to the mailboxes if you have not done so already.
29.09.2013 Please see the Reference Group page for information on the results of the meeting between the reference group and the instructor.
30.09.2013 The current homework assignment has finally been posted. Sorry for the delay.
01.10.2013 Practice problems for the midterm exam have been posted in the old exams page. These should be good practice for the midterm and will be discussed in class on Thursday.
03.10.2013 We may have a problem with the room for the exam. It seems that there are rules about having extra space available for the exam. Thus, it may be necessary to have some students take the exam in a different room. If this is the case, I will try to notify everyone as soon as possible.
04.10.2013 The situation regarding the exam has been resolved. Students whose last names begin with A-O will report to room EL6 (our usual classroom on Tuesdays) for the exam. Students whose last names begin with P-Å must report to room 5001 in building PFI for the exam. Click here for a map showing you the location.
07.10.2013 Solutions to last week's additional homework problems have been posted.
10.10.2013 Due to a mistake on my part, it seems that some students may have had an unfair advantage on the midterm exam. Thus, any students who are interested in re-taking the midterm will be allowed to do so. A second midterm of similar difficulty will be offered on 22 October at 16.00. The location will be announced later. Anyone interested in taking this make-up midterm should contact Stian Tamlagsrønning to register for the exam. You must contact Stian by 17 October to register for the exam. Keep in mind that no grades will be posted until the second midterm has been graded. Additionally, if you take the midterm a second time, only the second score will be counted.
16.10.2013 It seems I have completely forgotten to assign the fifth exercise for this week. Since some of you have already had recitation for this week, I just won't assign another problem. So you will have only four exercises this week.
22.10.2013 Important! If you have registered for the make-up midterm, it will take place today at 16.00 in room K26.
23.10.2013 Exam grades have been posted. See the link on the lift to the table of grades. Grades are listed by candidate number.
06.11.2013 Exam solutions have been posted. You can get a copy of the solutions here.
10.12.2013 More practice problems have been listed under the old exams page. These should give you added practice for the new material we have covered since the midterm. Additionally, if you received a notification that you are not allowed to take the final exam, and you think you should be allowed, please contact me at once.
21.12.2013 Solutions to the final exam are available here.

Course Description

The course is an introduction to calculus for functions of one variable, as well as basic linear algebra. We will learn about exponential, logarithmic and trigonometric functions, as well as limits, differentiation and integration with applications. In addition, we discuss linear equations, matrices and basic matrix computations. These themes are linked to applications in computer science, including computer graphics and image processing.

See course description.

2013-12-21, danielda