MA0002 Mathematical Methods B - Spring 2015


21.06.2015 Solutions to the exam are ready. You can get them here. Exam: English, bokmål, nynorsk.
01.06.2015 Don't forget that the exam is on 6. June! Be there early so that you can start on time. Consult StudentWeb to determine where you will take the exam.
28.05.2015 New suggested exercises were added for section 9.2. These may be helpful for preparing for the exam.
25.05.2015 A review session will be held on Friday 29. May at 11.00 in room R9. Please bring exercises you would like to see reviewed, or questions about topics you would like to see discussed again.
17.04.2015 The final homework assignment is posted. In addition, today will be the last mandatory class. Monday's lecture will consist of optional material which will not appear on the final exam, and the remaining lectures will consist of review for the final exam.
07.04.2015 Posted copies of finals exams from previous semesters under the Old Exams page. More will come during the next few days.
22.03.2015 The final homework assignment for the semester will be assigned on 17 April.
05.03.2015 A small change has been made to the homework assignment for chapter 10.4. See the updated assignment on the Homework page.
27.02.2015 Due to illness, today's lecture will be given by a substitute lecturer. Lecture notes are available on the Course Schedule page.
23.02.2015 Here is a computer generated picture of the graph that I tried to draw in class. It should hopefully be easier to visualize the graph than what I attempted to draw on the board during lecture. The black lines in the picture represent the level curves as computed in class.
13.02.2015 The lecture on 20. January will take place in room R1. For those of you interested in participating in the survey announced in class today, the link is here.
03.02.2015 Because of yesterday's emergency class cancellation, there have been some changes to the course schedule and due dates for homework assignments. Please see the Course Schedule and Homework Sets pages for more details.
02.02.2015 Due to an emergency, today's lecture is cancelled.
18.01.2015 Tomorrow's lecture will involve material not covered in the textbook. Printed lecture notes on the topic can be found here: bokmål, English
10.01.2015 There was a mistake regarding the first homework assignment. The due date was incorrectly listed as 24. January. It should have been 17. January. It has been corrected on the homework page.
09.01.2015 All students have been assigned to a recitation session. You can find out which group you are in here. Also, some changes have been made regarding homework assignments. See the homework page for more details.
08.01.2015 The lecture on Monday 19. January will take place in room R1.
06.01.2015 Groups and corresponding exercise hours can now be found under general course information.
05.01.2015 Welcome to the first day of class! Check this web page regularly to make sure you don't miss any important announcements for the course.
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