Om Datasalene

På disse undersiene kan du finne mer om datasalene våre. Blant annet hvor de er, hva slags utstyr som finnes der osv.

About computer labs

Where are computer labs?

Our two computer labs are locates in 3rd floor of Central building II, nordre lavblokk. The stairs marked red lead you to the third floor.

THe whole 3rd floor in the north lower block (nordre lavblokk) belongs to the institute of mathematics. The computer labs are marked blue. Nullrommet and Banachrommet er respectively room 380A and 380B. Support is available during office hours in room 395A, marked green.

Office hours

These are our office hours for fall 2017.

12.15  Ane og Mina Ane og Mina
14.15Ane og Mina    

Outside of the office hours you can contact us by sending en e-mail to datastudass [at] math [dot] ntnu [dot] no . Please send all of the support-related mails to this e-mail address and not to our personal ones. In addition, you can try your luck and knock on our door as it often happens we are there outside of the office hours too.

Rules at computer labs

  • Storing or/and eating food at the computer labs is not allowed.
  • Drinks are allowed, but remember to take your bottles/cups/mugs with you when you leave the computer lab.
  • When you are finished using the PC it is important to remember to log out and take your things with you so other students can use the PC.
  • Everything that has been forgotten by a PC where no one is logged on is going to be taken to the support office or will be placed in the red lost-and-found box at the computer lab.
  • You can still leave your PC locked up to 2 hours without logging out as long as you leave a note saying when you will be back.
  • Do not run long and heavy computations on the PCs. Use Markov!
2017-11-10, Mina Spremic