Updating the NTNU templates for LaTeX on Windows

This page describes how you update your PC to have the newest available version of the LaTeX templates for NTNU.

This page only applies to Windows, but there are other instructions for Linux and for Mac.

Centrally managed NTNU computer

Go into c:\localtexmf and run update.bat.

  • Open MikTeX Console from the Start-menu.

  • Click Stay in MiKTeX user mode.

  • Select from the Tasks menu, first Refresh file name database.


If you don't have LaTeX installed already

Other computers installed by yourself

In this case, the instructions will vary a lot based on which LaTeX-distribution you use. If you want to install the LaTeX, you can download them from http://www.math.ntnu.no/git/localtexmf.git/.

If you have trouble installing the templates, contact drift@math.ntnu.no for assistance.

2022-05-12, Torstein Fiskvik