Our meeting rooms

Booking a room All our rooms are booked using Outlook or webmail.

Please see Reserve a meeting room using the calendar for more information.

Seminar rooms

  • Room 656 (Simastuen): (See map)
    • Equipped with blackboard and 75" monitor.
    • Not suitable for hybrid lectures.
  • Room 822: (See map)
    • Equipped with blackboard and 65" monitor.
    • Not suitable for hybrid lectures.
  • Room 1326/1329 (lunch room): (see map)
    • Equipped with dual blackboards and dual projectors.
    • Equipped with dual wearable microphones and a throwable padded microphone.
    • Can be used for Microsoft Teams video conferences.
    • Suitable for hybrid lectures.
    • Not suitable for meetings. (The camera can only film the blackboard and the lecturer, not other participants.)
    • Detailed instructions for use: The projectors in room 1326/1329

Meeting rooms

  • Room 738: (See map)
    • Equipped with whiteboard, 90" monitor, camera and loudspeakers.
    • Can be used for Microsoft Teams meetings.
    • Other video conferencing tools (Zoom, etc.) do not work.
  • Room 634: (See map)
    • Equipped with whiteboard, 55" monitor, camera and loudspeakers.
    • You must bring your own laptop and connect it to the screen/camera/loudspeakers. You can use any video conferencing software that you have installed on your laptop (Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Skype, FaceTime, etc.).

Video conferencing

Rooms 738 and 1329 have equipment for video conferencing using Teams.

In these rooms, you will find a touch screen monitor on the table. See Create and attend meetings in Teams for instructions on how to use the room for video conferencing.

The short version is:

  • Book the room the usual way (invite both the room, and the other participants).
  • In addition, click the button Online meeting. (If you're using Outlook on Windows, this button is called Skype meeting.)
  • When arriving the meeting room, push the Join button (in Norwegian: Bli med) on the touch screen to start the video conference.
2023-12-05, Hallvard Norheim Bø