Android based systems

This article contains information about using your Android. The topics are:

User Guides on Innsida

Useful apps

There are numerous applications available for the iPad. This is a selection of apps that we recommend. You are of course free to browse the App Store for other apps, but we recommend common sense to prevent malware. Ratings, the number of downloads and a known developer are usually good ways to see if an app is safe.

Cisco AnyConnect This is the VPN client. It allows you to access services that are otherwise only available on campus, such as access to the library's subscriptions on journals, articles, etc. After installing the app, you will need to configure your VPN settings.

Box Box is an app for storing files.

Skype for Business For communication. Formerly Lync.

Office apps The well know office suite from Microsoft. See the link for Office 365 above for install instructions.

Mazemap Maps of, among other places, NTNU campuses.

Dropbox This app allows you to share and synchronise files across your smart phone, iPad and computer(s). It requires a simple and free registration. The storage of the data is outside the department's control, so never use Dropbox for sensitive information.

2019-03-12, Per Kristian Hove