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Step 1B: Create one meeting id for all lectures the whole autumn semester

  • Start the Zoom-appen on your PC and choose «Schedule».
  • Topic: give name to your meeting, maybe TMAXXXX.Lectures
  • Tick on"Recurring meeting"
  • Password: yes, we need that to avoid Zoom-bombing
  • Video: Host on and Participants off
  • Audio: Computer Audio
  • Calendar: Other
  • Advance options:
  • Turn on «Mute participants upon entry» and if you want also «Only authenticated users can join» (then by default NTNU users have to log in with Feide before joining)
  • I do not recommend to turn on «Enable join before host» and not «Enable waiting room»
  • I do not turn on «Automatically record meeting» because then you probably need to edit a bit in the start and end of the recording - but if you turn it on then you need to choose «In the cloud» and skip the instructions about recording under Step 2.
  • It is also possible to add colleges or TA as hosts, and you do that by adding their email address under:D
  • End by choosing «Schedule»
  • Now you get a new window with info on link, meeting-id and passcode for the meeting (and a lot more that you do not need).
  • Then copy the link/id/passcode and choose "Close" or alternatively "Copy invitation" and then "Close".
  • The link/id/passcode you publish to your students on Blackboard (maybe not on the open course page if you want to avoid attendance outside the class - or zoom bombing)

For a default NTNU meeting you have room for 300 participants by default. NTNU has licences for 500 upon request to Orakel/Multimediasentret.

Now you have created a link/id/passcode for all your lecture this semester. But, since you have never set times/dates this is of cause not in your calendar, and you must remember when to lecture and start the meeting as this recurring meeting (more in Step 2).

If you mess up and do not remember the id/passcode/link, then you may always find that by logging in to your zoom account from, choose Sign-in and afterwards you see your "Upcoming meetings" and when they as set to start. Observe that all your meeting created as above have the samme meeting id.

Here is a screen shot of my selections in the mac zoom app (click on the images to see details):

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2020-08-16, Mette Langaas