Slides for the talks

  • Siegfried Beckus: An Approximation Theorem for the Spectrum of Schrödinger Operators Related to Quasicrystals, slides.
  • Jean Bellissard: Modelling liquids and bulk metallic glasses, link.
  • Pierre-Henry Collin: C*-algebras of Penrose hyperbolic tilings and their K-theory, slides.
  • Hans Georg Feichtinger: The role of Wiener Amalgam Spaces in the theory of irregular sampling, link.
  • Jean-Pierre Gabardo: Frames of exponentials on small sets, slides.
  • Sigrid Grepstad: Universal sampling on quasicrystals, slides.
  • Uwe Grimm: Recent progress in mathematical diffraction, slides.
  • Deguang Han: Group Representation Frames: Multi-frames Meet Super-frames Through Duality, slides.
  • Mihalis Kolountzakis: Uniqueness of the Poisson summation formula, applications and limitations, slides.
  • Michael Kreisel: Gabor frames for quasicrystals, part 1, part 2.
  • Chun-Kit Lai: Gabor orthonormal bases generated by the unit cubes, slides.
  • José Luis Romero: Localization operators and phase-space covers, slides.
  • Lorenzo Sadun: Tiling spaces and topology, part 1, part 2.
2015-06-17, aljulien